Our Life Planning and Disability Care Platform in California

LifeCourseOnline is a life-planning and disability care platform with a community of family caregivers where you can articulate your needs, pursue your goals, coordinate practical care, and connect with your network of support on a regular basis.

Decision-making Tools

Our decision-making tools are designed to be visual, intuitive, and easy to use.

Plan for the Future

Your LifeCourse Charting Session is a series of exercises that will help you define your vision and a plan to get you there.

Build Your Team

Grant dashboard access to your network of support so they can support you in the pursuit of your good life.

Use Built-in Advocacy Tools

Use the ‘Raise Your Hand’ feature to see who on your team is available to support certain events.

Create and Track Goals

Plan within various life domains and use goal-review dates to reflect with your team and gain helpful insights.

Schedule Events

Easily schedule your events and activities with associated goals and see them in your team's shared calendar.

Upload Documents

Keep important documents stored on your dashboard with the ability to control which team members can access them.

Pay monthly or annually

Disability Care is your choice! Sign up for our monthly subscription and have the flexibility of canceling at any time or sign up for an annual subscription to get the best deal.

1 Month


Month-to-month, auto-renewing

Cancel anytime
Add unlimited team members
LifeCourse Charting Session
Dashboard access for you and your entire team

1 Year


Month-to-month, auto-renewing

Add unlimited team members
LifeCourse Charting Session
Dashboard access for you and your entire team

Welcome to our Vision Tool

Learn more about how LifeCourseOnline, a life learning community is helping to provide care to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Welcome to LifeCourseOnline
Welcome to LifeCourseOnline
Sheli Reynolds on LifeCourseOnline
Sheli Reynolds on LifeCourseOnline
LifeCourseOnline User Story | Julie and Maribelle
LifeCourseOnline User Story | Julie and Maribelle
LifeCourseOnline | LifeCourse Charting Session
LifeCourseOnline | LifeCourse Charting Session

Download LifeCourseOnline

LifeCourseOnline works on both desktop and Android devices. You can find LifeCourseOnline on the Android App Store. We recommend that users sign up for LifeCourseOnline on the desktop version for best use. We hope to release the iOS version of LifeCourseOnline soon.

Lifecourse Online
Disability care in California

Some competitors do offer the ability to utilize, create, and manage a team of supporters for individuals with I/DD. Aside from providing disability care, we use goals, places, and events (“activity features”) and ties it in with the team management aspects of our competitors’ products.

Try Disability Care Now With Our Life Planning and Disability Care Platform in California

Our product was conceptualized by the Charting the LifeCourse (CtLC) framework, which is a pre-existing and widely used framework for planning and problem solving for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD). Our product enables an individual in need of disability care to either take an existing ISP (Individual Service Plan) into LifeCourseOnline or create a brand-new ISP through the CtLC exercises built directly into the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

LifeCourseOnline was designed to help people with disability care needs and their caregivers, but can be used by people of any age and ability. For more information on the benefits of LCO, see our pages on LCO for Families, LCO for Individuals, and LCO for Organizations.

When becoming a member of LifeCourseOnline, you can either sign as part of an organization by entering your organization code or sign up as a paying user. For detailed instructions, check out our knowledge base articles on How to Sign Up Individually and How to Sign Up as Part of an Organization.

If you’ve received an invitation to join someone’s team on LifeCourseOnline, it means they think you play an important role in supporting their Good Life – a life that keeps them happy, healthy and fulfilled. Being a team member can come in all different shapes and sizes so we suggest getting in touch with the person who invited you if you want to learn why you were invited. For instructions on how to create your team member account, check out our knowledge base article on How to Sign Up as A Team Member.

No. LifeCourseOnline is a web application, meaning it is hosted entirely on a web server and you can use it anywhere you have an internet connection.

LifeCourseOnline will work on your phone but is currently designed and optimized for desktop use. This means that you will be able to access and use it on your phone but it will work best on a computer. We hope to eventually release a mobile app.

We take various security measures to protect personal information against unauthorized access, accidental loss, destruction and damage. We use standard, industry-wide, security practices such as encryption, firewalls and SSL (Secure Socket Layers) as well as physical safeguards at the locations where data is stored. For more information, see our full privacy policy.

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